Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal

Brisbane Airport is an approximately 30 minute drive from the city centre and located on Airport Drive, Eagle Farm. Other airlines operating at the Domestic Terminal include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and REX.


Check-in is located on the ground floor in the centre of the Domestic Terminal, directly behind Jetstar. Once you have checked-in make your way upstairs and through the security screening point and head to the departure gate on your boarding pass.


You will normally arrive directly into the baggage hall on the ground floor of Domestic Terminal. Link Airways baggage belt is the closest to where you enter the terminal, or if you were to enter the terminal from roadside the baggage belt is at the centre of the building. Please be aware that we don’t transfer your baggage between airlines. If you’re transferring between airlines you’ll need to collect your baggage, transfer your bags and check-in again with your next carrier.

Plan your journey

Learn more about drop off and pick-up points, parking options and getting to and from the airport here.

Terminal transfer bus

Brisbane Airport offers a complimentary terminal transfer bus that can transfer you between the Domestic and International Terminals and/or Skygate (current schedule). Skygate offers a range of stores including a supermarket, chemist, hairdresser, bakery, beauty salon, cafes, bars, restaurants and over 120 discount factory outlets. Approximate transfer times are as follows:

  • Skygate to International Terminal: 10 minutes
  • International Terminal to Domestic Terminal: 10 minutes
  • Domestic Terminal to International Terminal: 10 minutes