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Flights to Biloela (Thangool)

Thangool Airport is located 400m from the Thangool town centre and 11km south from Biloela town centre (a 15 minute drive) on the A1 Highway.

Located at the intersection of the Dawson and Burnett Highways, Biloela supports mining, pastoral and agricultural activities in the surrounding areas. Biloela is a busy commercial and tourist hub, though it still retains that relaxed, country feeling. More than 130 years in the making, Thangool is home to a sizable squab industry, providing Australia with 60 per cent of its squab supplies. As you travel through the district, you’ll see large paddocks of sorghum, wheat, sunflower, barley and mung bean crops, the mainstays of local food production.

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Things to do in Biloela

Biloela is a bustling commercial and tourist centre today, but it still has a laid-back, country feel. Rambling homesteads grace hillsides and streetscapes, fashioned and constructed by the hands of those who forged their futures in a new world. Kilburnie Homestead celebrates its long unbroken past for four months each year, throwing the doors open for enjoyable weekends of music and nostalgia in a traditional display of country hospitality. This is only one of the many festivals and activities that fill the annual calendar, along with the Banana Shire Regional Art Gallery's regular exhibitions. Kroombit Tops National Park, a short drive away, offers a plethora of outdoor adventures for anyone with a taste for the great outdoors. Against the ravages of time, towering ridges, deep gorges, and panoramic vistas spill out over a vast horizon. Sunny days were made for family camping, fishing, and boating adventures along the Callide Dam's banks. This is the perfect place to sit and play for as long as the fish are biting, with all the facilities on hand. From the heart of Biloela, you'll find your way to the fun and fantastic no matter where you go.

Places to stay in Biloela

Biloela has a wide variety of reasonably priced hotels, motels, and commercial caravan parks. On Exhibition Ave, Queensland Heritage Park provides 48-hour, low-cost powered and unpowered camping. With so many natural assets in the region – sandstone wonders, gorges, rivers, creeks, and lakes, bushland plains and woods, wildlife, and wild flowers – something rare and unexpected is always a possibility. The closer you get to nature, the more possible and unexpected experiences you'll have. Camping grounds all over the area will place you right in the middle of our great outdoors and insure you have a great time no matter where you go. A variety of community and commercial camping options are available, some of which are free or low-cost. You can still find your own special places off the beaten path if you're self-sufficient and have extra supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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On the A1 Highway, Thangool Airport is 400 metres south of Thangool town centre and 11 kilometres south of Biloela town centre (a 15-minute drive).

Taxis and hire cars are available. Hire cars are best booked in advance.

The climate in Biloela is mild subtropical, with hot to warm temperatures all year. Winter nights can be bitterly cold; however, winters are usually warm and dry, with nice sunny days. Summers are hot and humid, with the majority of rain falling as thunderstorms.

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