• Earn Velocity Points

    Loyalty program of Virgin Australia


Velocity Frequent Flyer

Link Airways has partnered with Velocity Frequent Flyer, the loyalty program of Virgin Australia.

Discover more with Link Airways and earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points when you travel in an eligible fare class. The points you earn for Link Airways flights are based on how much your fare costs (AUD including GST), so the more you spend, the more points you can earn. Points aren’t earned on certain ancillary fees or charges (e.g. baggage charges and credit card surcharges). 

How many Velocity Frequent Flyer Points will I earn?

Check out the table below to discover how many Velocity Frequent Flyer Points you may earn when flying with Link Airways:

Fare Type
Fare Class
Points Earn Rate Per $1 spent
Y, B
H, K
L, M
N, S, V

Simply enter your Velocity Frequent Flyer number when making your reservation and allow 14 days after travel for your Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to be credited to your account. You should make sure your name and Velocity Frequent Flyer number recorded in your itinerary exactly matches your Velocity Frequent Flyer account details, or you may miss out on earning Points. Not yet a Velocity Frequent Flyer member? Join today for free.

Claim missing Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

If your Points have not been credited after 14 days, or if you forgot to add your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership number prior to travelling with Link Airways please contact us using the form below and note the following:

  • Claims must be made within 6 months of travel.
  • Claims can be made for travel completed up to 30 days prior to joining Velocity Frequent Flyer.
  • Claims can take up to 14 days to process.
  • If successful, eligible Points will be automatically credited to your Account.
Thank you for contacting Link Airways. We appreciate your feedback.


To be eligible to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on Link Airways (“FC” Airline Designator Code in the “Carrier” box of your Ticket, flight numbers 200-999 and 2000-9999 only), a person must hold current Velocity Frequent Flyer membership. Members are not eligible to earn Tier Bonus Points or Status Credits on Link Airways operated flights with an FC flight number. Link Airways does not permit Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to be earned on:

  • A flight where the membership number entered is not the membership number of the passenger travelling.
  • A flight that isn’t flown or that is refunded.
  • A fare class that is not listed above or a fare class or flight during any black out period detailed on the Link Airways website.
  • Ancillary fees or charges purchased in conjunction with the fare (for example, but not limited to, our Fees and Surcharges).
  • Upgraded fares (you’ll earn points based on the fare class originally purchased, even if you travel on an upgraded fare, unless you paid the full fare difference for the upgraded fare).
  • Complimentary tickets, tickets purchased as part of a packaged holiday, or tickets which are subject to conditions that exclude points earn including industry or airline staff discounted fares.
  • Charter services operated by Link Airways (eligibility to earn is governed by the chartering company).

    Unless detailed to the contrary above, Velocity Frequent Flyer membership, points earn and points redemption are subject to the Velocity Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.