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Fly Corporate rebrands as Link Airways

11 August 2020

We are pleased to announce a new name. Starting in August 2020 Fly Corporate will rebrand as Link Airways.

CEO, Andrew Major said “Our ownership, fleet and fantastically committed team remain unchanged and we invite our customers, partners and the communities we serve to join us as we move forward under the new identity. We are hugely excited by this milestone in our Company’s 48th year and remain committed to connecting local communities across eastern Australia. We will continue to offer travel that is simple and convenient with that personal touch that has been so well received by our customers. Whatever their reason for flying we want our passengers to feel valued and as such, providing a great customer experience and essential connectivity to communities is at the core of what we do”.

What changes will you see? A gradual name change from Fly Corporate to Link Airways.

Customers can visit or to book flights just as they have always done, or book through on-line and shop front travel agents.